Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Cure For Snoring - Stop Snoring Exercise Program

We all found out something about snoring while growing up. Whether Granddad used to snore after Thanksgiving dinner, or mom teased dad about his snoring. Perhaps, it was even mom who snores! The point being, that snoring is an extremely common problem. Let's face facts we all either snore or know someone who does!

The most important consideration is to discover the reasons behind YOUR snoring. The Stop Snoring Exercise Program will force you to examine the various causes of snoring and how to deal with them.

So why do you snore?

The first thing to consider is that it may be hereditary. Believe it or not, this may be the case. There are certain family traits and physical characteristics that you simply can't avoid!
If you have large tonsils and adenoids, this can definitely contribute to your snoring. Your gender may also increase your odds of snoring. Men tend to snore more than women. Age is also a factor. The older you are, the less muscle tone you tend to have. The lack of muscle tone around your throat area can lead to snoring.

Certain factors may not be within your control. Perhaps you have allergies or an illness that not only lead to snoring, but a really poor night's rest as well. Having said that, there are reasons that you snore that you can control. You may be out of shape or overweight. You may have a history of smoking or excessive alcohol consumption, certain medications or even just your posture while you sleep can all be probable causes of your snoring.

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There are also issues caused by snoring that make you or loved ones suffer. You may have to sleep in a separate room from your partner, which merely creates a distance between you two, when you would prefer to be closer! No doubt, this can lead to your physical and emotional well-being suffering.

We are all well aware of the positives from a good night's sleep. So waking up numerous times each night is simply robbing you and maybe others of the "deep sleep" that your body craves and desires!

Are you aware of how you snore?

If you snore with your mouth closed, this may be due to the position of your tongue, which is blocking a sufficient air passage. If you snore while your mouth is open , then this is likely to be because of your throat tissues. If you snore only while sleeping on your back, then this can be considered a milder form of the problem. A simple change in sleeping position and concentrating on your posture can cure you of snoring. If you snore no matter what position your mouth is in and in any sleep posture, this may well mean that there are additional issues that need to be addressed.

However, for the majority of people, getting into better shape, changing your lifestyle or finding the best sleeping position for optimal air passage can be the difference between another sleepless night or a cure for snoring and great night's rest.

The Stop Snoring Exercise Program was created to help people stop snoring fast. It's an extremely easy program to follow and requires very little effort. Just a few daily exercises can lead to a cure for snoring forever and no longer having to deprive yourself of a fantastic night's sleep!